ECU Mapping

At TDP, we pride our selves on the high level on engine mapping that we do. We work closely with overseas engine builders to deliver the best from their engines here in Ireland. We supply and fit many leading brand engine management systems to a wide variety of cars. Our mapping has helped many teams achieve the reliability it takes to win championships at both national and international level. From 1300cc N/A @ 10500 rpm to F1 2500cc @ 16000 rpm making 550 bhp all the way to 9000cc @ 7500 rpms and everything in between. Or 2800cc turbocharged @ 9500 rpms making 1000+ bhp. We use the same careful and dedicated approach to getting the best from the engine.

Our dyno facility is the only one in Ireland to offer enough cooling to run high output engine (600+ bhp) continuously.

We are the sole distributor of the full range of MoTeC products in Ireland, and Robbie has travelled to many parts of the world to install, calibrate and tune a wide variety of vehicles with MoTeC products. Likewise, we supply bespoke systems based on the MoTeC M1 ECU range. The flexibility of the system allows us to tailor the ECU firmware to suit almost any application, whether it be a custom normally-aspirated engine with advanced gearbox control, or a compound turbo fire-breathing monster. We can cater for all modern engine types with direct injection (DI) and hybrid control. Custom vehicles with CANbus can be tailored to every application.

MoTeC Ecu’s, displays, dataloggers , diff controllers, accessories & For a Full list and specs on the MoTeC Range Click Here

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We are master dealers/distributors for the LINK ECU brand, having used the product for over 15 years. Recently, we have helped with the development of their latest ECU offering: the G4X range. We provided real-world testing of the platform, as well as advancement of new functionality.

Link ECU and Accessories. For a full list and specs on the Link Range Click Here



We are platinum dealers of the full Haltech range of engine management, displays, looms and accessories. We have more than 10 years experience in tuning this brand.

Haltech ECU’s, Displays and Accessories. For a full list and specs on the Haltech Range Click Here


We also have the software and experience to map and tune many other systems, a list of which is below